At Destination Aesthetics, we believe that everyone should have access to the health and cosmetic care that they desire. However, not every cosmetic procedure is covered by insurance. In order to provide you with the face, skin and body of your dreams, we strive to work with you to find treatment options that align with your specific budget. And if your desired procedure is still outside of your realm of payment or you simply wish to make payments in a way that works around your lifestyle, we offer financing options for those who wish to specialize it even more. CareCredit is a financing solution that accommodates your health and beauty needs using a line of credit that helps make expensive procedures more manageable.

CareCredit is convenient because it allows you to receive the procedure you want and find peace of mind knowing that you didn’t overspend to achieve it. Pay off your balance in whatever way you see fit; make monthly installments or provide one lump sum without the pressure of a time limit. CareCredit is a flexible payment option that makes it easy for you to afford health and beauty needs.

If CareCredit sounds like a convenient option for you, our staff at Destination Aesthetics will help you set up a payment plan as part of your cosmetic consultation. The best part is – after you have acquired a CareCredit account – you can use the credit for additional procedures down the road. This works great for procedures that involve multiple sessions, like dermal fillers or laser treatments; simply pay as you go whenever you desire cosmetic care.

For more information about financing options with CareCredit, please click Here to visit the CareCredit website.