What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® delivers ultrasound to deeper layers of the skin that can help offer a neck and facial lift without surgery. The Ultherapy® treatment is also a maintenance tool for those that have recently undergone a surgical facelift. At Destination Aesthetics Medical Spa, we offer our clients an assortment of minimally invasive to non-invasive cosmetic care treatments to help them avoid surgery, long recovery times and discomfort.

The epidermis is the largest organ on the body, and it is constantly exposed to the elements, trauma and aging. Damage to the layers of skin can happen above and below the surface. Damage to the fibers deep to the skin such as collagen and elastin can cause the skin to loosen and lose volume. Youthful skin maintains a lifted and full look when these fibers are at their peak, but as they break down skin grows dull and weak; the more loose skin and sagging we have makes us look and feel much older than we are.

Benefits of Ultherapy®:

  • No recovery time
  • No hospital check-in
  • Nonsurgical
  • FDA-approved
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Safe treatment
  • Invigorates collagen growth
  • Non-invasive
  • Natural lift

Ultrasound Energy vs. Laser Therapy

Ultrasound energy is much gentler on the skin than laser therapy treatments. The ultrasound therapy used in the Ultherapy® treatment is not the same as the ultrasound used for pregnant mothers, but an energy focused ultrasound that is unique to the skin’s dermal layers. During Ultherapy®, the ultrasound administered will help the physician see to the deepest layers of skin that require regenerative treatment. The ultrasound provides insight into the severity of damage within any weakened muscle layers and fibers that promote elasticity. A strategic plan is put in place that aligns with the concerns of the patient and some new concerns posed by the treating physician for the best results.

Ultrasound energy works on the deepest layers of the skin and muscle that support it to tighten, tone and ultimately lift. We recommend this Ultherapy® treatment in contrast to laser therapy because ultrasound does not damage the topical layer to regenerate collagen and tighten the skin. Laser treatments use heat energy to essentially damage the skin on the surface and degenerate deeper layers so that they can heal over time and new cells can grow. Laser treatments are harsher on the skin and do not promote a skin lift. In order to achieve lift with laser therapy, surgery is often necessary.

Ultherapy® does not use laser heat energy to promote this metabolic breakdown of these damaged tissues underneath the skin, but a comfortable heat that is easier on the skin. There can be unnecessary damage to the surface of the skin and underlying layers when too much laser heat at high temperatures is applied. With Ultherapy®, we can protect the skin’s surface while treating these deep tissues and fibers to naturally lift the skin without damage to the skin’s integrity.

How is Ultherapy® Performed?

Before your treatment session for Ultherapy®, you and your physician will discuss all of your skin concerns and how we can achieve those results. At Destination Aesthetics Medical Spa, we listen carefully to our clients’ needs and explain all of our treatment options in detail, so that they are fully aware of the process and realistic results. We can offer a combination of our medical spa treatments and Ultherapy® to give you beautiful, glowing skin with minimal discomfort.

No preparation for Ultherapy® treatment is needed; your physician will prep the skin before we begin. Your physician will take a look at the skin and make careful markings on the areas we wish to target with Ultherapy®. This revolutionary ultrasound treatment targets everything from crow’s feet, marionette lines, hyperpigmentation, volume loss in the cheeks, wrinkled forehead, laugh lines around the eyes, mouth and lips, brow, décolletage as well as drooping skin in the neck and chin areas.

Once all markings are made, an ultrasound gel is applied to the surface of the skin, and the Ultherapy®hand tool is placed on the face as the physician explores the areas of the skin that require treatment. Each layer is different and unique in the amount of damage or laxity in the skin. It is important that energy is applied to each area in the correct amounts that are particular to the skin’s comfort and health while targeting the breakdown of damaged fibers and tired muscle. Ultherapy® can go as deep as 8mm below the surface of the skin to move past the surface, fatty layers and penetrate the dermis to tighten and lift over time.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Any Ultherapy® treatment usually takes anywhere from 10 minutes to over two hours depending on the areas treated. These areas include anything on the face and neck. The décolletage, or chest area, is treated in half an hour or less, depending on the severity of volume loss.

Life After Ultherapy®

The best part about this Ultherapy® lift treatment is that there is absolutely no recovery time needed. Your skin may feel a little sensitive and have a tinge of redness afterward, but these symptoms are temporary and should disappear the following day or so.

Ultherapy® only requires one treatment, but it can take anywhere from two to three months to see the effects. We have to allow the skin time to recover from the metabolization of cells and fibers that will promote skin tightness and texture revival. Depending on the condition of your skin, your Destination Aesthetics Medical Spa physician may recommend follow-up treatment months after for maintenance.

If your skin could use a lift, tighter and smoother texture, call Destination Aesthetics to schedule your complimentary consultation for Ultherapy®. Don’t reveal your age so easily.